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Big Mammas House of Burlesque.. .
the Largest, Longest Running, Award Winning Burlesque and Variety show in the Southeast US. Founded in 2006 by Deana Pendragon,the show has performed a BRAND NEW SHOW every 60 days. Each new show is themed , created and costumed by Deana and her performers. Some past themes have been, Pirates, Southern, Nerdlesque, James Bond, Herstory of the world, Animal House, Paris, Goth, Heroes and Villains, Merry Stripmas!, and our Annual Love Fest Valentease! The shows consist of Burlesque, Musical, Comedy and Variety Acts. We've hosted over a hundred guest performers through out the years including Voltaire, Sideshow Bennie, Johnny Millwater, Hannibal the Magician, Steve Langley(Juggler and Paddle Ball King), Brett Loudermilk(the freak prodigy), and slews of Burlesque and Boylesque performers from all over the world!

The group originally started in a small night club and Former church in the middle of Charlotte. The Location was auspicious because it was also the founding site of Jim and Tammy Bakers misadventures. Hallelujah! With a small cast of 8 the the very first show boast 127 people in the crowd. To this day that number has never been smaller for one of our full shows with a crew of 22!! We are grateful for our wonderful audiences! Generally the audience consists of more women than men! We attribute the to the fun and sexy nature of the acts and encourage the audience to talk back to us.There's Nothing Dirty going on! The show has been described as "The Muppet Show with Tits!". in 2009 Big Mamma decided to expand, creating a smaller, weirder and darker show called the "Three Panty Opera" which lasted 3 seasons. She has also hosted multiple classes in Big Mammas School of Burlesque at local dance studios and private parties.


"Charlotte's Best Female Vocalist" 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2015
"Charlotte's Sexiest Woman" 2008

"Charlotte's Best Performing Arts Group" 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015

DJ Spider "Best Club/Party DJ" 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Note:some awards categories were retired after 2011 Creative Loafing Charlotte

Meredith Sparkles - Princess of Southern Exposure 2012

Meredith Sparkles - Funniest Southern Exposure 2014

CAST Awards - Best Dance 2014, Best Costume Design 2015, Best Dance Group 2015, Best Theatrical Tech 2015

Ophelia PopTart & Jackson Heels - 2015 Great Souther Exposure Best Duet

Meet Our Performers

Burlesque Matriarch & Award Winning Vocalist Big Mamma D "The Naked Chanteuse" and the Biggest Showgirl in the South!
Deana Pendragon has been performing in some capacity all of her life (although she went to college to be a doctor!!). She is the producer and creatrix of the shows, the school,and personally trains all of the girls. An established costume Designer and Seamstress, she has worked with The Childrens Theatre of Charlotte, and others around the Carolinas. She is the founder of The Great Southern Exposure Burlesque and Variety Pageant. She can also be found the the book "It's All That Glitters" and the burlesque documentary "Tease in the Tarheel State". She's politically active and has been an annual MC for 80 thousand people at Pride Charlotte since 2008. Class, Costuming, and Charisma make her a Quaintrelle Juggernaut covered in rhinestones.
Meredith Sparkles.
Born from a shooting star and taking her mantra straight from the life of little Shirley Temple who was told to "Sparkle, Baby, Just Sparkle!". Meredith started sparkling at the tender age of seven years old when she won her very first Little Miss Princess Pageant. She has been delighting audiences through her work on local stages ever since Growing up she learned the definition of the words "curves" and "tease"  and she joined up in Charlotte, NC with Big Mamma D's House of Burlesque in 2008 to more fully explore those terms.

 Meredith recently appeared in her very first International Burlesque Competition, The Great Southern Exposure of Charlotte NC in 2011 and won the "Princess" category for her signature act "Roxanne".  Budding costumer and a natural performer Meredith studies the world of Burlesque and shares the stardust trapped inside.   Charlotte, NC's very own Princess of Burlesque, Meredith Sparkles! (photo by Ron Tencati)

Ophelia PopTart
Ophelia, as her name suggests; is a little dark, a little sweet and a lot of naughty! She joined Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque in 2013 after many years of admiring Mamma's gorgeous ladies from the audience.  Ophelia started dancing at the age of 5 and quickly learned that the stage is where she belonged.  As a performer Ophelia loves sharing her love for dance and art with her audience and Big Mamma's House of Burlesque has allowed her to do so.  She's an accomplished belly dancer and instructor. Never shy for the camera, Ophelia also works as a model and has worked with many photographers in the Charlotte, NC area.

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